P is for proverbial


This word bothers me. A lot. Don’t get me wrong. I like the word. I want to use it, sensibly and in the correct syntax. I know the context. It’s the syntax I struggle with.

It means, “as heard in a proverb”, and yes, I had to actually google it (hello, you all know who I married right. His mantra is, “if you don’t understand it, google it.”)

So if I understand it right, one can say “the proverbial rolling stone”, “the proverbial flock of feathered birds”, “the proverbial stitch in time”, “the proverbial drowning man”, “the man who lives in the proverbial glass house”, “the proverbial last straw”.

Never too old for a vocabulary lesson. Aye say! Just thought I’d share. Who wants to read morning anecdotes about my life anyway (did I tell you I lost my car today in one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore? I forgot where I parked it, and had to go to the car park management office to ask for help. They had to drive me around in a buggy! Found it at last, 50 lots away from where I first started looking!!), when we can learn cool words like “proverbial”.


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my world, out of your reach

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