H is for Hugs


when i was younger, i met this girl — we were dating best friends, and we became fast friends out of circumstance. she was everything i wanted to be — smart, confident, genuine. good grades, good friends, good life. i remember her laugh distinctively, and remember how infectious it was.

we met a couple of years later, older, wiser. we had a heart-to-heart by-the-beach : we’d both moved on from the boys; and talked about love and life and work and everything in between. i remember being surprised that we both didnt want to go home after the lunch; we had so much to talk about. i remember that day distinctively — i told myself i wanted to approach life the way she did. boldly — taking the day by the horns (so to speak); efficiency is the key to success. 

something happened, and we stopped talking. and little by little, we went along our own way. businesses, marriage, life. and a common friend (i forgot we had) commented a while ago, that she was going thru a tough time, but is still standing tall. she used to read my blog a while back, i wonder if she still does. 

here’s a long shot, anyway. i’m proud of you. of your achievements, of your ambitions and of your dreams. i haven’t forgotten you, and my number’s unchanged if you need some one to talk to. if you don’t it’s fine, i said a little prayer for you today. that god will keep you close, and that he will keep you safe. may the god of good things surround you with love and laughter this christmas. 


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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