hello mood music

Jack Johnson, one of my favourites, especially in the dusk, of this gloomy rainy day.

it’s the weather, i tell myse;f. the bleak, lack of light makes one feel depressed — that’s why there are so many winter suicides. but i know, i know its just an excuse to be lying under the covers at 7 pm in the evening, willing the day to end. perhaps if i fall asleep now, i’d miraculously fall asleep and wake up wiser, and better equipped to deal with this day tomorrow.

i am having a bad day. this current jack johnson song sums it up. i tell myself, it could be worse, this too shalt pass. i really should have followed up on that wrist tattoo when i was younger. to get a tattoo now, is just too “mid-life” crisis. i am having a bad day because we had awful news relating to work. not unexpected, but awful nonetheless. its discouraging, and we always tear ourselves apart before we can deal with the problem at hand.

i am an awful wallower.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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