Letters from the sea- final boat moments

One would think that after a week of being on the boat, we would completely relish being on land, especially the mainland. But here with are, back in Volos– and sitting here on the boat.

It’s a bittersweet moment, having the group back sharing the last few moments together.

There’s P&E, the warmest Greek couple living 11 hours outside Greece. The love they have for each other touches me profoundly– the quiet touches, the way they share a private joke, they are so attuned to each other, They call each other Agape. When Denn and I grow up we want to be E&P.

There is D&E, who live close to Paris. Funny and smart and totally hilarious to be with. My mental snapshot of them, is of them gently snoozing against each other with the rocking of the boat, with their hands entwined around each other’s. They take such good care of each other. E loves to swim, and is always the first off and the last back on; D is the unofficial chef-on-board, whipping up tomato-and-cucumber-yoghurt salads and keeping track of our food and fluid inventory.

there’s J–who really is the pulse of the team. He knows the best places to dine, club and drink– and an absolute hoot to be around. He does the bulk of the sailing, our tireless anchor-man. Charming and witty and very quick minded, J will be missed much. We are looking forward to hosting him in Sg since he will be moving closer geographically, to us! J’s laughter is a sound I’d not forget.

Then there’s A– quietly confident and secured, our skipper and friend. I enjoy the comfortable silence sitting with A, and reading. He was the first one on the boat I truly felt comfortable with, simply because of his quiet nature. He smokes his little rollies endlessly. his patience and calmness settles me, greatly, even in turbulent seas.

It has been a wonderful week, and I will remember it, always. Complete strangers — to close friends; it’s amazing how shared experiences of sharing boat, cabins, and stories bond us. Over too soon, but lifelong friendships have surely been forged.


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