Letters from the sea- skopelos

Nightfall in Skopelos, Greece. This is the view from my seat in this little Internet cafe that we’ve found. Denn is clocking some billable hours and I am still reading the Alex Cross series, by James Patterson.

Had a large part of the day to ourselves, on this pretty island. It’s my favourite so far. Surreptitiously, due to bad weather, we’ve been somewhat stuck in this island and I could not ask for more.

This is also known as the mama Mia island, where it was filmed. The white-walled red-roofed homes staggered on the cliff side, the beautiful sea of the prettiest deep blue. Literally glittering in the sunlight, like a million little stars.

It is our second last night on the boat and I know, with surety that I will miss life on our little boat home. the soft cradling of the sea rocking you to sleep, the tiny bathroom that we had to learn to make do with, the awesome people we have found ourselves with. The smell of suntanning oil. The laughter of each of our friends. The insatiable desire for coffee. The ropes that run everywhere around the deck.

If you had told me a week ago I’ll be enjoying being stuck with a bunch of strangers, sharing a tiny space and being in the summer-sun, I’d have laughed my head off. I need my personal space, obviously. I’ve never quite been known to be the easiest person to be with, much less live with. But here I am, feeling a little pang of reluctance that I have only 2 nights left of this.

Skopelos is beautiful. There is something sensual about its slate streets and soft spoken waiters. Fell in love with Greek yoghurt. I can stare forever at the tidy rows of boats along the pier, with their naked masts and ropes. I wish I had a better night camera to capture this moment, but since I don’t, I shut my eyes and try to imprint it in my memory.

A friend on the other boat says to me, a week of sailing holiday feels like two weeks, and it is true. We have officially only reached a week of our trip, but I feel like its been eons. I (not so) secretly covert the skipper’s life. What an awesome job he has. He reports only to his boss, Sea, gets help from his secretary, Wind and gives instructions to his underling, Sails.

Skopelos. I’ll be back.


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my world, out of your reach

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