Letters from the sea- in the middle of nowhere

So this is our real Greek Holiday. We stay on a boat that sleeps 8, in really tight quarters. Thrown into such circumstances, we become quick chums since well, there’s no where to escape to if you don’t like them (and we like the people on our boat very much), and bowel movements are part of everyday conversations. There is clearly such a thing as group-poop-anxieties.

Nonetheless, this is our room:

The boat is a beautiful 40 ft boat, with lovely white and blue sails. We have to admit though, we only sail about 30 percent of the time, often leaving the work to the motors. Our skipper Alex, is exactly what I imagine a Greek man would look like with the scruffy face, curly hair, silent type. Looks like he just walked off the set of 300. I haven’t taken a picture with him yet, although he constantly laughs at me being so slow to move.

Pictures of life on a boat:-








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my world, out of your reach

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