Letters from the sea – Volos busride

We are travelling with a completely international motley crew of lawyers, computer scientists, bankers, historians, a 3-masters-1-phd student, and boy it’s been a riot. And this is only one-third of the whole sailing crew. They are all a very intellectual bunch, and discussions have ranged from inertia not being a force (ask Denn, I don’t understand this one), to bathing suits, to museums, histories of our country, the fact that our country banned chewing gum.


On the bus on the way to Volos, the port where we will take the boat out on our sailing adventure. There is wifi on the bus!! Not much pictures so far as I try not to take out my phone too much. One of our friends already got pick pocketed on the prev public bus on the way to the bus station. He kept his blackberry in the cargo pants pocket near his knees. Naturally he is a bit bummed out but reports have been filed. Thank God everything else was safe. I look like an absolutely crazy bag lady, but I pack everything real tight.

Since this bus we are on is a private bus, Denn is, again working. We head off on a 9 day sailing trip where we will be island hopping the Greek Islands! Excited much! Keeping fingers crossed that everything is ok back home!


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my world, out of your reach

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