Letters from the sea – Doha transit

It’s been a harrowing day with both Denn and I working till the last possible minute before we had to leave for the airport. My darling nephews came to the airport to see us off. In Singapore, our airport is considered much like a fancy shopping mall, with locals thronging to the airport to have meals etc.




After a rushed (and messy for Evan) dinner, and a very long goodbye to everyone (Q requested to be “smothered in kisses” — I’m glad I am expanding his vocabulary) we finally made it to the gate.

I love being in planes. That complete “switch off” of the mind and the prospect of doing absolutely nothing but read and sleep for the next few hours sounded real good to me.

I’m writing this while in transit in Doha. Denn has crashed out, completely. 7 hours in Doha, halfway there. Bought us travel pillows (might as well) so he sleeps better. He doesnt know i covered him with my shawl, so dont mention this to him! (Note to self:- next time bring boy-friendly shawls)


My dad sends me stickers on this app called “line” as i type this. funny man.

This is a Denn-planned trip; I’m actually excited to be the non-planner for the first time. I have to admit, I get a bit queasy about the logistics (ahem!) but we figured we are travelling with locals so it should be fine.

We will spend the next 9 days on board a boat, island-hopping. Planned completely by his NYU friend! Then the last few days are still unplanned, but we will figure it out as we go. High on the list is Santorini. we will make some friends on the trip and maybe they will go with us!

Till then, my exciting Alex Cross series by James Patterson keeps me wide awake and completely immersed.

Adventure awaits!


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