hello data-break!

i have to admit. i am an awful holiday-er. the first thing i do when i touch down from a plane is to frantically search for a local pre-paid card, preferably with data. then i check to see if the business is okay; did any earth shattering, bottom-line threatening, principal frustrating, authority upset happen when i was in the air and uncontactable? then the mass sms to give out my now new local number to my family, my in-laws, my team one, then i finally take a break and breathe in foreign air.

Denn and i are off to Greece for 2 weeks. perfect summer heat, without the need to pack the heavy-duty coats. time to work on a tan. (pun totally intended, since my husb’s surname is tan)


travelling with my sister, the perfectionist, to Japan showed me the merit of having one of those data roaming deals. unlimited for ten-odd dollars a day. that makes sense.. until you do the math and think whaaa?! but she was travelling with children, and she knew she would definately get connection to her telcomm and she runs like a ker-billion projects at the same time. so i was tempted. tempted. still am. to get on that plan. Denn says we may not even get connection while we are out at sea. *cue wide eyed, hyperventilating panic* so it might end up with money wasted. 

so we are going data free. which means that we will rely on free wifi from cafes etc. no data. unless something drastic happens or if any one of you readers think it is a must have. 

i’m totally not psyched. but i dont have a pressing reason to. 

considering that we are packing 1 x Kindle, 2 x work lap tops, 1 x alienwear-super-heavy-gaming-laptop, 1 x i-pad, 2 x iphones5, 1x iphone3, 2 x mouse & mousepad (seriously, all games know you must have your super cool mouse & a hard surfaced mousepad! didn’t you know? *sarcasm, because my Denn is, completely OCD about his electronics, and since he is packing for himself, he packed for me too). so much for a data-break huh? 


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