1 year!

A year flew by (and we still haven’t reviewed the wedding pictures…), and here we are, in Bintan, a little island off Singapore. It’s the Forev boyf’s first trip to Bintan, And he likes it much. He says “this is excellent, all the amenities of Singapore, set in rustic surroundings.”

We are in in the royal ocean villa, the last unit ao we have our very own rocks on the side. at all times of the day, you can hear the waves crashing against the rocks, and i like that. since i brought my own oil diffuser, we can more or less leave the balcony door open, so i can hear it. and honestly there arent that many flyers (mozzies or flies) near our room. Some snaps of my own:-





These following images are from the Bintan Spa Villa website, but the place really does look as good as the pictures. I haven’t been really carrying my phone around to take photos with.







Dennis loves “being on the beach, but being squeaky clean”. He loves the food (we’ve only been on the resort), and the massages; but did not enjoy the mask/wrap (says he in a stage whisper just as I was falling asleep under the talented hands of my masseuse, “it’s cold and icky; I don’t want to ever do this mask thing again” I think it was largely due to the fact that he had an itch he couldn’t scratch because he was all masked up. Did not help that he saw his body being painted (a very lovely smelling green tea and lily mask) bright green; so there was a mild panic.

600 mins of spa time to share between us, and that was an extra special treat.
We even went kayaking. 1 hr of vicious paddling left me with sore muscles; but we made it to the little island across our villa. Actually it’s walkable, since the water only reaches waist height, but too shallow to swim. We voted for kayaking over a dredging walk through seawater. And I don’t like being in the sea barefooted. (Glass, people! Glass!!) over at the little island, I got bitten by a sandfly (I hope it’s a sandfly) on my back, and a huge ant on my thigh. That should teach us not to sunbathe on uninhibited islands. Denn, thankfully came through unscathed. The sandfly bite is causing me some discomfort, to say the least, but I (as usual) have everything to treat it with in my travel medicine case. Itchy itchy and swollen.

We had the karaoke bar all to ourselves a couple of nights ago; I think Denn has drunk his weight in beer + piña coladas, made with freshly blended pineapple juice.


Tonight we have a private candlelit dinner on our balcony (we opted to use our own balcony rather than the gazebo), set off our own fireworks then a wishing lantern. Neither of us have ever set off a wishing lantern; so I hope it flies nicely.

Tomorrow we have half an idyllic day before we head back to Singapore; and really it’s been a good 4 days!

Sanity break for me, but Denn has been working. He is pleased as punch that he can work while having the sea in his ears. I dunno whether I should laugh or cry at that statement. I guess we are thankful he has a job which allows us to pay for all this; and that he loves his work so he doesn’t mind.



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