Hello needy

The aftermath of my tiny tantrum two nights past.

It’s not easy being a lawyer’s wife. For that matter I should think its not being anyone’s wife. But today, and last night, I thought myself more as a lawyer’s wife than Denn’s wife. And therein lies the problem.

See, they keep awful hours. Missed dinners, missed calls, going to meet with couple friends and explaining he is going to be late, if he even shows up. There is the crackberry which he is glued to, a million conference calls and an endless amount of work to clear. When that is done, there are these nefarious time sheets, billables and office politics to deal with. Somedays he comes back dragging himself to the shower then to bed, unable to utter another word after “hi, it’s been a long day”.

A couple of nights ago, dad bought a porterhouse to share with Denn. Dad waited up for him till 10 pm for both to eat their dinner. (I ate my porridge early – the teochew boys had enough of porridge)

So I’ve been feeling somewhat neglected, or ignored lately. Maybe it’s the stress of the impending Greece trip coming up or the fact that I have this choking kinda cough despite 3 trips to the doctors that is really getting to me. Either way, been rather needy. So sick wife + busy Husb + PMS = c throws a tantrum. In a flurry of tears and sniffles. Maybe long overdue.


So on thursday, despite coming home at 12 mn, he stayed up till 1 just trying to comfort and appease, and while I basically behaved like a brat. Not my proudest moment; but he cajoled and cuddled the dark cloud away. I wish I had a fraction of his patience.

and now that THAT storm has passed, Reminder to self: love bears all things.

I’m not trying to air dirty laundry, but this is my space, without pretences or guise.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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