hello venom breath



i should really have outgrown this by now, but there are periods when i just get really bothered and disgusted with the hypocrisy of people. (even know they haven’t done anything to me per se).  with their lifestyles and their facebook PR management of themselves. its so carefully poised to make suggestions of a certain lifestyle yet in real life, its completely not the case.

and i check myself, whoa, plank in the eye!

and that is probably very well true. i remember this incident in secondary school, where we had a “truth box” — which on hindsight was a terrible shitty stupid thing to do. Thanks Ms Maryanty, for decades of feelings insecurity and inadequacy! — where we wrote anonymous notes to every one in class about how we felt about them. image a bunch of hormonal teenagers given carte blanche to basically say anything to demean, bully or hurt someone else and got away scott free.

i remember (because of the trauma) , there were a couple of classmates that thought i was hypocritical. and so i guess, there is probably some truth to it, no?

so, to rise above this awful reaction to witnessing hypocrisy, i will remind myself 1) it may be unknowing  2) plank in the eye. 3) its none of my business

now, onwards to living life #nofilters.



Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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