hello eternity.


Some say life is just a series of decisions, we make choices, we live and learn.

Now I’m standing at a crossroad and I must choose which way to turn.

Down the one road lies all the world can offer, all its power, its wealth and fame.

Down the other just a man with nail-scars in His hands.

But there is mercy in His eyes and there is power in His Name.


I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus!

Without a solitary doubt I choose Jesus!

Not for miracles, but for loving me.

Not for Bethlehem, but for Calvary.

Not for a day but for eternity,

I choose Jesus!


All my life I sailed the sea of reason, I was captain of my soul.

There was no need for a savior, I could live life on my own.

Then I heard Him speak the language of compassion, words of healing for broken lives.

When we nailed Him to the tree, His love included me.

Now He’s called me to follow, and to leave the past behind.

when i was younger, there was a musical in my church. i think my sister was involved, because this song plays in my head this morning. i am not sure if my church youths still sing it today. (Maybe that’s how i remember it?) and i can’t place it. i had to search the words “not for a day but for eternity” to find it. it a song called “i choose Jesus”; and i think it is such a precious reminder.


michael cruz has a such a beautiful voice:

i choose jesus/i have decided to follow jesus:

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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