Hello sunrise

Been trying to cultivate better sleeping habits, because my goal is to eventually wake up automatically at 7, even on weekends.

1) There is just so much more accomplished in the day waking up with time to spare, not rush around like a crazy person.

2) a fixed sleeping pattern gives you a more productive day and a calmer disposition

3) discipline

4) it’s the natural way we were meant to sleep and rise; wake at dawn, sleep at nightfall. Well I guess I am supposed to sleep a whole lot earlier. When I was in JC I remember going to bed at 9, nightly.

5) early risers are supposed to make for better thinkers. Since I fell for google nose and was sniffing at the computer screen like a loon, and because recently I’ve been getting tricked and mocked (glares at Denn); I think maybe there is some truth about a certain level of brain degeneration when you stay home too much. Work has been busy; physically. Maybe I need more brain work.

6) the quiet morning hours leave time for devotion and getting my mind in order

But.. The mind is willing and this flesh is very weak.

Have no problem waking up; but tons of trouble forcing myself to go to bed at 11! Even 10 when I can manage it.

I’d hardly get to see Denn this way since he keeps such awful hours. You think he’d get the hint if I just stared at his sleeping face till he wakes up when his alarm rings? But not his fault also la; and nothing he can do about it. Half the time we eat dinner together, dinner starts at 9 or 10.

It means having to give up a certain type of social life, like dinners with friends which end late. It’s not like I even go out very much anyway. We have a family friend that ends all social activity at 9 pm; wedding dinner, birthday dinner etc. he is a very prominent business leader; and everyone respects that if they want to invite him to dinner, he leaves by 9. And I give him alot of respect for that self- discipline.

What am I whining about really, when alot of people start the day at 5 am?



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my world, out of your reach

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