Hello Mr Sun; go away pls!

What’s up with the heat??! I am sitting in the car, blasting the aircon on full; and still I feel the sweat rolling down my back and my skin burning.

This muggy heat is really unbearable and it’s already nearly 4 pm; I feel so insanely sorry for the construction workers by the side of the road working with hot tar. I really really hope their employers cut them a little break because of the heat. they’re gonna get sun stroke or sun poisoning! My poor shop girls having to walk out in this sweltering heat. I hope kind souls give them a lift. :(

Thankful today that I have the comforts of a car. Thankful for greenery that cool the area somewhat. Thankful for peppermint oil to keep the heat headache at bay and most of all, thankful for a break in the day to think about the less fortunate.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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