hello pina colada

when denn and i first met, he was rather drunk and rather obstinate in his belief that global warming was a myth. i did not quite like him. anyone who has ever gotten themselves engaged in a debate with denn knows that he has a memory like a computer. he remembers everything he reads. and can harness said knowledge at will, and boy he will. like a machine gun.

anyway, i was reading through old blog entries and found my first ever post mentioning him and our road to friendship; whirlwind to romance and finally steady climb to marriage.

we met somewhere in july 2007. i used to call him the pina colada.

i have lost alot of the photos, but maybe friends who have been around since then can send them to me. twotillforever, always fondly remembered.


this is what he looked like when we first met. (around this time la)



our first date, at ah zhangs:



meeting his friends at andre’s party:


our first trip overseas together, to genting :(

i’m glad we have the rest of our lives together, pina colada.

and really. i’ve asked since sept 2007 when i found out you have a performance diploma. when will you play this in full for me in all seriousness?





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my world, out of your reach

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