hello chanel perfection lumiere.

i have never been one of those girls who used tint on my face. thankfully, growing up i have been rather pimple-free, even during those awful adolescent ages. i guess God was kind, and he has to be fair, since he  gave me super sensitive eczema prone skin on the face,  he was kind to go easy on the pimples.

dont get me wrong. i take care of my skin. my ex boyf’s mother is one of the leading facial therapist trainers in this part of the world and their family used to run one of the most pretigious spas in Singapore. i have taken away alot from that relationship, and one of that was to take care of my skin. AND that products work. good products cost much, but you get what you pay for. but make up? now that i did not learn.

i’ve never been a fan of foundations, liquid or cake; much less those puff balls of powder (i dunno what they are to date) and quite honestly, up to my wedding photoshoots, didnt know much about much. it was always mascara + blusher on dry face if i had a presentation. until my wedding make up.. which left me somewhat worried.. since we had a make up artist come in to help me get my face in shape for (1) video shoot, (2) outdoor casual shoot, (3) outdoor formal shoot. then we had the packaged-with wedding-dress photo shoot : (4) studio + outdoor photoshoot, then the wedding (5) morning + church (6) 4th aug dinner (7) 5th aug dinner (8) 9th aug lunch. boy that was alot of make up. for someone who never owned a any-state foundation, this was rather overwhelming. and during the test make up, my best friend, hufflepuff realised how much i was freaking out over the fact that i was going to break out from this gunky pallette of make up that was dunno-how-old that the make up artist was using, dragged me off to go for my first make up class at one of the fancy make up counters where they teach you how to use make up if you buy their stuff.

enter the chanel perfection lumiere. i have awfully sensitive skin, and despite the heavy-lading of make up over the wedding period, i am glad to say, i did not break out: and i had perfectly dewy skin all through the festivities. the best thing ever. so i actually bought my own set of make up for the make up artist to use. then if i needed to touch up i did it myself! right down to my falsies, lipstick etc. call me spoilt if you want. i liked knowing if anything screwed up i could fix it myself with all the tools in hand.

yeah, everyone says, who needs perfect skin when you have photoshop! true; but i smirk in the knowledge that my skin behaved very well the day of the photoshoot- did not need photoshop for my face!


make up

anyway, so this leads me to the next point. i feel like since then my make-up regime has been forgotten. nowadays i only make up for formal occassions but you know, make up is one of those things that needs practice. so i’ve been looking at images online to try and inspire me to put in effort.

these are abit dramatic la.. and i tend to favour the naturally healthy look (enhanced with make up of course); but i’d love to be able to carry these off:

make up 2

make up 3

make up 4

wedding band

images are all from pinterest. i really dunno how to credit the pictures cos i dunno where pinterest images start and end.


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