hello river cottage!

i’ve been talking (alot) about buying some land in NZ– no money yet but one can dream. and recently i think my parents have been starting to panic abit about me actually doing it rather than just talking about it. they, of all people, have been quite used to hearing these fluff-brained dreams of mine and my extensive, somewhat imaginary planning.

anyway, i’ve been watching this old channel 4 series called River Cottage. or rather the first series of the lot is called Escape to River Cottage, which documents  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s effort to  take over a Dorset cottage and sets out to achieve a form of rural self-sufficiency.

He is a celebrity chef, in his own right, and i found out about him because Gordan Ramsey has asked him a couple of times for advice regarding growing their own meat.

Anyway. i am wayyy past the Escape to river cottage series, and am now watching series 6 or 7 which is River Cottage spring. nonetheless, i think its a good educational watch, and you can learn a thing or two about the wild plants etc.

its actually really entertaining. he enters all these competitions — honey, vegetable, pig shows.. and when his garden doesnt yield lunch, he takes a shotgun and goes hunting for birds. for extra money, he sells crazy dishes at farmer’s market like bunny burgers (rabbits are pests to the garden crop, so he shot his pests, cooked them and sold them!), pigeon pita pockets etc. and since he likes fishing, he goes fishing for extra protein (free!). he rears his livestock, and believes in the nose to tail eating, which is what it is. every part of the animal is used — blood too! this guy built his own smoker out of his own chimney, lambed his ewes, ate the testicles (cooked) immediately after the vet castrated his baby bull. after the ick factor, seriously good tv.

here’s the first of the first episode:


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