Hello, I am famously taking rain checks

I’m famously taking rain checks; thank God I have patient friends. Mostly people who grew up with me so they know how fretful I get with deadlines looming over my head. I have been mulling over this for a while.

How come other people who run busier, more successful outfits than me have the sheer energy to meet up, chit chat, chill out, fine dine, club, date night, midnight movie– when most days I crash out after work? Not sleep but brain drained.

How do people wake up cheerful and come home cheerful? Case in point, my forev-boyfriend You know, most mornings I wake up with a sore head, full of grump. I watch my nephews wake up from their naps or sleep, crying like little kids do. I feel the same except I’ve out grown the tears. But the same crappy down in the gut feeling. Even on days that I have something exciting to do.

I am exceedingly fretful when I have looming deadlines; it’s like it’s snared there at the back of my brain; and I am thinking about it the whole dinner then come back and work till late cos of the guilt or the workload.

Maybe it’s the whole work-never-ends part of running your own business. But you have 30 people counting on you for their rice bowl; the weight of that responsibility. I remember the number of work calls during my honeymoon; and how I panicked when we didn’t have access to the Internet when in some places in NZ. I had to check my mail.

It’s not that I want to take social rain checks; there is this meeting, that client, these million things to file or get done. My friends cut me slack; and I try to give a hundred percent when I next see them; but I fail to be there when it matters: break ups, triumphs at jobs; breakthroughs with family. And that makes me feel even more shitty.

How do people do it! Tell me the secret!

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my world, out of your reach

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