hello eco lodge

so denn and i have been talking about this trip to costa rica; to attend a friend’s wedding. and while it initially seemed out-of-reach because of the job jump and leave matters, it now seems back on the radar. so i’ve been doing research.

the ever pressing question: to visit more states staying less time in each state, or concentrate on exploring the whole state.

mind you, we have 5 days there i think, given that we’ll be flying almost 24 hrs there and 24 hrs back. but its okay, denn loves flying and i sleep through most of it. unabashed wanton sleep because you’re incommunicado and come on, there’s nothing much else to do.

so of course, as all research goes, i find this beautiful eco-lodge, topping the Condé Nast Gold List in 2008, Lapa Rios eco-lodge. as my taste would have it (le sigh), i picked this eco-lodge out of the many many eco-lodges Costa Rica has to offer. a unnamed accomodation website suggests US $858 per night.  lets just dream huh.

BASCOLapaRiosSept2008-3 habitacion -5 wide-1000-a-1 wide-1000-a-3 wide-1000-a-4 wide-1000-a-5 wide-1000-lapa-rios


there are others, thankfully, which i am quite keen; but clearly needs more research. eco-lodge is a must, however.

will update later on.



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