Hello pic a pix obsession

So recently I’ve been really hooked on this game, like the obsessed. I think I’ve finished about 150 puzzles on the iPhone, and my indulgent forever boyfriend buys me an iPad pack. Gone. I thought the iPhone was easy.. This iPad one is the mamabull, to use an old expression.


So it starts something like this. This is the coloured type. There is the black and white type too. It’s tough, as it gets larger. I usually take about 15 mins on the iPhone size game. This particular one took me an hour.

See final picture.


It all started because of this “escape the room” game, which was live. Like we (my sister and brother in law amongst other friends included) got “locked” up in a room and we had to escape it using clues. Anyway, Puden and I got assigned this puzzle. And while we didn’t complete it (ahem!), the compulsive obsessive in me just had to figure it out. So I found this app.

Pic-a-pix by conceptis.

My idea of fun.

Another achievement:




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