hello yellow room

so as the sunlight streams through the blinds of the office; i sit here feeling rather mellow. which made me think of yellow, and now i am, once again, redesigning my dream house. which is still a dream house, really, because let’s face it. its so much more fun day-dreaming. at the rate i redesign my dream house, this is wayy more economical.

fancycribs did a feature on 30 gorgeous yellow rooms, i didn’t like all of them,but some were just stunning.

so, here are some gorgeous yellow room ideas to tide us through this mellow thursday.


source: furniture trendzona

i love this black/white on yellow. i love the cherry blossom details. i don’t like that white snake/circle pile thing on the black wall details but i pretend not to see it. perfectly non-fussy yet not too masculine.


source: fancycribs

oh, look at that: i’m a sucker for revived furniture. that’s a little chinese cabinate redressed to be a sink! i love it! i dont like the photo framey thing much, but i love the boldness of this piece.


source: style estate

oh look at the art on the wall, so perfect right. i’ll call this room sunshine and graphite. (like in pencil led); so sunny! i don’t like the yellow side table though, and i can imagine this room would look lovely at night with the white lamps all on. easy way to blend in metal/steel elements.  more sunshine/graphite rooms coming up! very cedarian, ya?


source: fancycribs

i want that yellow lamp. and i want those pictures of magnolias. the pillows are just plump enough.


source: authentic home blog

aren’t those little odd shaped pigeon holes the prettiest thing ever? i can just imagine building them with my father in law. oh, he would love that project so. i heart the table bookshelf. would only work if you had 8 books though. will not suffice in my house. and i like that amber coloured vase.


source: fancycribs

this is certainly doable right? the dark wood and yellow. i like the photo frames, although i will most certainly love to have this photoframe ledge in the living room, i am sure it won’t be in the bedroom. i am paranoid about things falling on my head in my sleep. so nothing, and i mean nothing can hang over my bed.

Mum says too much yellow will give you a headache. i’m sure my friend Elaine, doth protests. there are certainly some soothing yellow rooms i found.  yawn, makes me feel sleepy already!


source: fancycribs

fresh green and yellow and white. couldn’t possibly go wrong.


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