Hello CNY Panic; I need more time!

6 days to CNY!

Who knew when she got married, that the boyfriend, who generally lived with her mess, would suddenly become a stickler for “the house must be neat for CNY” after the “I do”s? Certainly not me!

The home is a complete mess; largely because our faithfully neat helper went on a 2 week home leave. Denn’s been keeping awful hours at work; dad’s just dad; so housekeeping falls to me and mum; but given as we both had busy weeks, the full-time job of packing and cleaning have kinda been shelved.. Ahaha..

Now that, and I say this with bubbling joy, our helper is BACK, Knowing what a load our helper has to go through just downstairs, I told her (oh why oh why) that I’ll settle my own room..

Had no time to go shopping; so I bought online. Piles of unopened purchases; like these:


My dresser is a war zone! The first two levels just make-up and skin care; the bottom few house my bangles, electronics, etc


Our tv has been turned into our clothes hanger; because I was in charge of laundry and everyone had to re-wear clothes at least once. Febreezed and hung. More unopened purchases, shawls..


The walk in wardrobe has hidden piles of unhung clean clothes..



And then amidst it all, linens have to be changed, curtains vacuumed, bed side tables packed.

It’s just the Monday panic! Cancel all dinner appointments this week. Just deal. One portion a night! Can be done! Go me! I need another few hands!!

My puppy hasn’t even woken up yet; that care-less dog mocks my panic.



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