Hello dango, you feel good in my tummy.


Denn and I were both working this morning; and kinda crashed out for a couple of hours (gulp!) in the pm; much needed; just resting and being quiet together with the pups in bed with us.

Finally got up at 5 pm when we by tacit understanding just dove into work; knowing we’d both have a long night ahead.

8 pm; Denn bemoans his hunger; and we decide to have a quick meal at Greenwich Village; because I need a bubble tea fix anyway. But since we’re here, thought to have a date night at Raikuichi; whose food looks alot better than it actually taste. Gimme shinjuku any day. Service was dismal, food served fairly cold. Teapot soup smelt strange, udon broth was sweet. Only the ei hire and the tatami iwashi were yummy; and a sure-way to perk me up, macha ice cream with red beans and dango. Oh dango, I love you so.


(That’s a dango double order; and I ate most of them!)

I digress. The food left more to be desired, but I loved the impromptu date night, and the excellent company.

Bubble tea. Here we come!


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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