hello blue-less monday!

my phone is at its least usage on monday mornings, as this vile and vicious rumour (wonder where it came from) spread throughout the company that monday mornings was probably the worst time to talk to me. i am thankful for the reprieve. but truth be told, mondays are almost always blue to me. perhaps its the spending-the-weekend with Denn, and the (considerably mild) seperation anxiety kicks in. perhaps it because weekends are usually socially packed, and since i am not  a particularly sociable creature, i need relief from it. or because sundays are exhausting, and i count sundays from the saturday night before. the word would be surly. i usually feel surly in the mornings.


but today, today oddly, i woke up feeling fresh and immediately raised the blinds for the sunshine to come in. and you know, i feel settled this morning. watching the sun bounce off the red-brick-roof of the extension of our house. and feeling thankful for such a beautiful morning. feeling blest, like this morning was made for me. what a surprise!

yesterday, we spent a lot of time yesterday talking about church, and what our small little community at Bethesda (Katong) stands for; what it all means to the both of us. Denn says he felt really off the past month, maybe because we didnt manage to make it to church till yesterday. too much work, then the eczema attack. i ask myself: wasnt this weekend equally crazy? wasn’t the social calendar just as packed + the additional chores around the house because our helper went on home-leave?  and yet, here i am: monday mornings, feeling fresh and cheerful! i guess its a timely reminder: going to church, being in the community, soothes the tired soul, not tires it further.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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