hello eczema; please leave me alone

so in our valiant attempt to go to church on time on sunday mornings; this totally threw me off my game plan. it was a carefully scheduled game plan (because everyone knows i’m like that):

mask on, try and sleep by 12.

toss and turn. toss and turn.

3 am, dennis peeks at me. i say to him “i cannot sleep”; he says ” me too”. i say “don’t bluff you have been sleeping for the last 3 hours.” he says “huh! wow. okay. then he goes back to sleep.

eyelids too heavy to read, brain can’t shut down. i think somewhere along the line i was cruising on the edge of sleep, but not really. really felt the crawl of time. mental agony.

5.30 am i give up my attempt to sleep. too much effort. will just stay up till the morning. went to wash up, and oh boy oh boy. look what happened to my eye!

swollen lid


its an eczema patch, its been there a long time but it surely chose to act up last night. usually its never swollen, just painful and dry (ie cracked), but this was one fat lid.

denn hears the commotion with my frantic search for eczema cream, and my furious applications of various avene products (which seems to be the only thing to calm my uber sensitive skin moments). i say to him “hoo boy, wear your specs, and look at my eye” he says “are you kidding?” but faithfully troops back to wear his specs and come see. so he peers into my eye, blinks the sleep out of his. and says “what am i supposed to be seeing??” so i gesticulate wildly about my swollen eye. and he blinks in confusion and says “oh, it does look a bit off ah; but its okay. go back to sleep” then promptly does that.

its 3 pm and its still swollen. bugger it.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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