hello 2013; aren’t you a spry one.

2012 kicked the legs from under me. what a blur what a blur.

to be honest, two weeks after the deal i’m still reeling from it, and havent quite had the time to catch up with the insane workload that 2013 has brought, i cant seem to find the time and energy to write my year-end post. kinda lost interest in writing a year end post a couple of years ago because of some stupid drama over my rights to be honest, and to have rights over my work. (let’s not go there). so i start writing this piece on 14 january 2013; and i wonder when i will post it.

august 4, 2012. that’s 4-8-12. (ahem, husband, get the date right).


2012 was lovely; i got married to the best boy in the world for me. he’s gentle and funny and loving and kind. such simplistic terms, but its true. each and every one of those them. denn’ s innate ability to see past the complications (and drama) into the heart of the matter is really what drew me. a yes is a yes, and a no is a no. no mind games, just the straight truth, even if it wasnt always what i wanted to hear.


we have finally just gone through the photographs, by Frank Foo. i know it was a long time agao, 5 months to sort out pictures, oh come on c. yea, fault’s on me. we kept putting it off, putting it off.. because it felt so momentous, the reviewing of wedding photos. and then we kept clearing the smaller stuff first, and it got pushed back. somehow i feel this whole post is going to be about the wedding, and the pictures. i shall save that for another post. warning: we have 5 wedding events: 1) teochew pre-dawn wedding ritual 2) church wedding 3)dinner day 1 @ hotel fort canning 4) dinner day 2 @ SICC 5) lunch @ tamarind.

there was the lovely lovely honeymoon in the beautiful south island of new zealand. (pictures to come)

2012 was also a year of closure. (not just the end of those single life late nights) but also because we close some chapters and start new ones. with work, for both of us.  i didnt do much travelling in 2012, but 2013 seems like it would pick up its pace. but we say goodbye to a management contract we’ve been doing for 4 years, and i’m grateful for the experience. how many people can say they have seen a bus built in front of their eyes? side frames, chassis, wheels, air cons, seats, a ba-billion nuts and bolts. it has been a good few years.

new jo

denn’s moving to a new firm where the hierarchy would be very different, although in the same field.


we bade farewell to two dogs, Simba and Bee; and because (don’t stone me please) i believe dogs have no souls, so i can only be thankful for the joy they have brought, and that they no longer suffer or feel disoriented with poor vision and hearing.


we sang in the choir. haha. who would have thought! weeks of practice, four songs. it starts with us singing with the children’s sunday school for the congregation to sing-a-long. my favourite part begins somewhere around 11.50. was alot of fun. and while neither of us are known (ahem!) for our great singing voices, the choir was so inclusive and just so much fun. PS: denn’s the narrator.

oh yea, i cut off my hair. did i mention?

yiyi & evan

and evan came in 2012 too! so precious, i absolutely love this little bundle of sunshine. he eats everything you give him, really. everything. he’s not that little anymore. here are updated photos of my two neffypoos, circa 18 dec 2012.



2012 has been a good year. a good year indeed.



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