one-bedders on my mind

last night, denn and i spent some time at his aunt’s place at jalan hang jebat. i love the estate and constantly tell him that is where i want to live. ye old colonial homes; the upper units are all one bedroom apartments, and i think how perfect, how perfect to be living in such lush wildness of greenery, walk up steps and the perfect layout; just enough. the units there are only for rental, and denn refuses to budge on the not-having-enough-space-for-all-my-clothes-and-books:choose-one stand. how to choose, between sanity and decency.

so i lustfully look at beautiful pictures. Designer David Kaihoi’s one room-apartment.

i have never been a fan of the colour purple; unless i was doing a pink/purple blend; much less to use a milky purple; even less on walls. but this home is so beautifully put together, i love it.

room1 room2 room3 room4 room5


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