Bee bee on my mind


This was bee when she was a baby; before her eyes opened.
2002 – 2012

Bee was born in a litter of 5; our first litter of puppies ever in the house. We chose to keep her, because we found it cute that a black cocker plus a beige cocker could produce a brown one. Her other siblings were black or beige.

Bee has always been eccentric; barking at shadows, disciplining the other dogs whenever they misbehaved, and later on when she became blind she’d bite if any of us moved towards her too quickly.

She got hit by a car this evening. The driver stopped to tell me he hit my dog outside my house, whilst i was running out after i heard the howl. he was holding up traffic so i asked him to move his car. while moving his car to one side of the road, he drove off.

Carried her in, she seemed ok, just unable to get up. But didn’t look like she was in pain, just in shock. No whinning or crying she just went to sleep. So I thought no rush, let her rest, bring to her vet tomorrow morning.

Drove to mustafa to buy her painkillers, of a specific type that the vet specified over the phone. but she didn’t manage to hold on for the vet appointment in the end.

We are ok, just a little sad.


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my world, out of your reach

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