togetherness on my mind

next month, denn is staying home from work; and its gonna be a first for us.

usually we go on a long holiday (le sigh. new york, at christmas), or there’s a big project underway (we sort of went overseas everyday as well). there has not been an extended period of time when we stayed home together for a month. i wonder how that will go and whether or not we’ll be ready to throttle each other by the time Christmas comes.

i am still working in dec, but since i work from home anyway it doesn’t really affect me, but i am starting to worry about denn’s nesting tenancies. its bad, the packing, the packing, the packing. the everything-has-to-be-at-right-angles, from largest-at-the-bottom-to-smallest-at-the-top stacks, to everything-needs-a-label-even-if-its-in-a-see-through-box. for better or for worse, i tell myself.

come January i’d have separation anxiety again when he goes back to work. haiya.

anyway, the thing i really worry about denn staying home, is how we are going to settle the music. see, denn loves bands like passion pit:

and i like dickey lee:

how to find a happy medium?


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my world, out of your reach

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