jolly on my mind

denn’s family is awesome, they really are. i mean family dinners extend not just to the 7 of us (mum, dad, denn, darr, charm, cais and me) but also to the extended. his aunties (all 5 sisters talking at the same time!), his cousins. the last massive dinner in celebration of my MIL’s birthday, had an extensive dinner of duck, shark’s -ahem- fins *cough cough*, lobster sashimi, roasted chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, lamb, and 4 bottles of champagne.

his cousin’s HL is in a band, and we’ve never quite heard them play before. HL shared a track online, and i find myself so hooked on it. Indie mixed with a bit of folk, and really, maybe its just the jingle of christmas i love. i totally love it. if anyone can tell me exactly what kinda music this is, i’d be grateful.

this song makes me think of a cozy fireplace, something heavily scented with spice (the smell kind, not the taste kind). and hot chocolate. also because as i write this, it is pouring in torrents. and it seems like the perfect song, to snuggle down with a good book and a warm puppy on your lap.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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