robin egg blue and cedar wood on my mind

how soothing, how lovely. makes me think this makes the perfect bedroom i’ve seen thus far. i love the robin egg blue walls. okay. pale robin egg blue. almost sky blue, almost grey. so pale. white lighting, warm lighting, both works.


i love the brass bed, and the intricagte bed frame. i love the wicker chair and basket accents, in white. i love the mix of paint and wall paper. i love the lace bedspreads and the shams (those are the pillow cases with the skirting around it). the vintage lamps, the cedar wood furniture. okay i am not sure if its cedar wood, but that’s the colour i associate with cedar wood. in ‘ikea’ terms that would call that birch. the ikea’s beech wood has a reddish hue to it.

this exact shade of wood. looks so clean. i love the curvy-ness of the wardrobes and dresser, and that sexy little chair with the curvy legs in the corner. i imagine i’d be bugging denn to let me please get one of those fat white and grey cats, the ones with a squashed face. wouldnt that make the perfect room companion?


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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