puppies on my mind

“oh nooo!” i can hear everyone just groan and moan about it. the last time i had puppies on my mind everyone had to learn to deal with a totally-unfriendly pixie with emotional scars too many to name. its funny now, her quirks. it wasnt funny then.

denn says i cant get another puppy until we have a child and said child reaches the age of 5 and asks for the puppy on his/her own volition. all 3 must be met. so for now i can just dream about it.

i was thinking. each child should get a distinctive pup. not one of these tribal things (que image of the four yorks) where to the outsider everyone looks the same. so i was thinking.

child one, still unmanufactured (gee whiz, hold your horses!),should probably get a dalmation.

short coat, easy to maintain. not small enough that can be squeezed to certain d-e-a-t-h. not too big, not too small.  no hair grooming required, no necessity for cutesy hair clips. and ribbons. the breed is intelligent, active.






Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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