oysters on my mind

my parents-in-law are renovating their home, and i’ve got interior design on my mind. it started off as a small errands trip to ikea, to pick up some organisation boxes for our (denn and i) shared home office space.

and then i started looking at all these beautiful images, colour blends. and i was just telling denn how i wish we lived in a cold country so i could actually have a real fireplace. my very own.

my latest colour obsession is oyster. “huh?” let me show you this image i am positively in love with. the mood. the feel.

the tarnished gold frames, the grey/white sofas that don’t match, the semi-stripped white paint on exposed wood. and the oyster colored walls. not quite grey, not quite sand, not quite pearlescent. maybe we will sepia some of our wedding photos to put up on the walls, have a few of those grecian looking vases.

i especially love the old fashioned light, bronzed and warm. i imagine it to have one of them old fashioned tungsten light bulbs, not one of these LED thingamabobs.

oh, to curl up with a good book and while time away. and during christmas there will be snow on the ledge.

picture source: http://www.guardian.co.uk



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my world, out of your reach

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