boho on my mind

here’s the secret: if i had it my way; i’d so try the bohemian bedroom; with the clash of colours, prints, throw rugs.

okay. this is too much, clearly. minus the gypsy items: the glass ball, the incense sticks, the sheer junk of too many things.. i think this could actually work! the rest area looks so cosy and sleep inducing.


boho doesn’t have to be dark and dank, see how this looks so bright and comfy at the same time? perfect little nook for that awkward attic.


okay i am a sucker for this stripped wood in the house.



and this one, the mismatched bookshelves the black and white photos. oh i love them so. denn will never allow this for fear of things falling on him in his sleep; but how wonderful does this look, no?


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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