these crazy days of summer

so i have been rather MIA recently; and here’s why: i have been sick and i have been busy. i guess being both of them means i am taking an even longer time to get better/clear work, because well, being sick, i am unable to get much work done, and being busy, i am unable to get much rest done. this sick cycle bustles on.

i have been feeling unduly fatigued the last few weeks, sleeping up to 14/16 hours in a stretch, just tired out. fever that came and went.  i had mycoplasma; after we did a full blood work to determine what was wrong. its a bacterial infection, treatable by antibiotics. done.

the sinus complaints have been frequent on facebook; driving me insane. have you ever sneezed until you heard thudding in your ear? cos i have. whole new level up from sneezing till you get a headache. shoot up your nose with the nasal mist/spray, wash out your nose with the nasal pot, sniff steam, eucalyptus vapour/rubs– they all don’t work when you’re sneezing fast enough to chase a G6. i just lie in bed, pop antihistamines and wait for the wave to pass. allergies — but to what i dunno.

so i have been snarly; and mean.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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