A mother’s kiss


We attended Hermes’ surprise birthday party tonight; I’ve never manned the BBQ pit ever; and it was actually really fun. Can’t quite get the smell off me; despite my very rigorous shampooing, but I like it.

What touched me most, the whole evening was this: Hermes was rather overwhelmed by the fact he had a surprise party and took a moment to get his emotions under control. He bent over, covering his eyes, to gather himself. His mother walks over and kisses him on the back of his head, says somethings that only he heard, and kissed his head again.

If I could have video-ed that moment for him I would have; except I didn’t have my phone with me.

How poignant, how lovely, his mother’s kiss. A blessing; a comfort for the soul. That scene resounded in me, deeply, deeply. What a touching moment. Alas, my words do that scene no justice, but those of us who had the privilege of witnessing it, should count ourselves lucky.

You are very loved, Hermes. I hope this feeling remains with you the rest of your life; that is my birthday wish for you. I wanted to document this; so that if you didn’t realise how much that scene moved me, you’d realise it now.

I had a chance to speak with her briefly; and I mentioned to her in that conversation that she should be so proud of you, of the man you’ve become. I am so glad, so glad that you’ve allowed me to see that.

:) happy birthday, friend.


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my world, out of your reach

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