Last legs


Simba, our golden retriever is on his last legs; which is an apt description, because well; this morning he decided to stop walking. Yesterday he came out for a walk; today he decided he’s not going to. Today he also decided not to eat, or drink, or get up to pee. He’s in somewhat of a dream-like state; takes a long time to respond when we touch him (he is deaf and mostly blind); but generally peaceful. We’ve put him in the dog house, because of the bowel-emptying while lying down. He is not really responsive; and somewhat delirious.

The vet tells us it’s matter of time, he’s just old. We’ve all come to terms with it, really. We’re trying to let him go naturally, in his own time. But we have also made an appointment with the vet on Monday; for a consult with the option of euthanasia, after we have a final discussion and a review of his internal organs.

I believe the vet knows best as he is possibly the most objective person in this whole mix.

It is really about quality of life to me, emphasis on Quality, not Life. I respect That a lot of people are morally opposed to euthanasia; heck I don’t think there is an end to this debate. I don’t really want to go into it.

Simba stole my heart as a twelve year old; when he came to live with us three to four years back. Champion bloodlines, dome-shaped skull, baby soft fur, they told me. Skin condition, constantly surrounded by flies, weak stomach, meant to be euthanised at that point, they told me. But when I saw him, my heart fell in love with that soulful eyes; and that paws-around-my waist hug. Every time he does that I wonder if he thinks himself a man (blond, short, and hairy) having a dance with me. I knew I had to take him home.

He is non-intrusive; he mostly keeps company with mango; and is probably one of the few dogs that has had the chance of running down the CTE and survived it. Last year, both retrievers ran out when the gate was carelessly left open, and could not be found at their usual runaway haunts. The next day, the SPCA called to tell me they traced the two down (microchipped) running on the CTE. Only managed to catch them cos the big one got tired and sat down in the middle of traffic. Thank God for keeping them safe.

It’s been a lovely few years with Simba. I know Dogs have no souls; but I’ll like to think there is a special place in heaven for them; or at least, in my heaven.

Take it easy, Simba; you are loved and safe.



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