beach swings

photo credits: here

this was one of them surreal days, largely because i was half-asleep for most of it. it started out as a gentle night last night, till about midnight when the peace was broken. that also means i was steaming and stewing until 5, and then i had to be up in 2 hours to make it to our monthly 4 hour meeting.

denn laughs and says i just attract too much drama, why can’t i just go to bed peacefully and wake up peaceable, rather than waking up with a sore head; le sigh, i also dunno. i also want to just have a gentle goodnight and slip into oblivious sleep.

the rain, this morning and the sleep-warmed sheets did nothing to aid my rising out of bed. perfect morning, perfect sleep position, just imperfect timing.

so this gloomy day, i dream of a tree-swing, by the beach.

and plot and scheme how to convince my forever boyf to bring me to fiji.


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my world, out of your reach

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