A tribute, to Hermes

dear Hermes,

we’ve become friends so quickly and so closely that it unnerved the both of us who actually do find it tough to make new friends. there are alot of things i don’t know about you, your past, your present but i have been lucky to have been given an insight to your dreams.  something in this inked-out boy, that just cliques with me, touches my heart. Hermes is my inner circle, whether you like it or not. bless your heart for being ever so supportive, ever so entertaining, ever so truthful with me. whatever your broken road, i am thankful god brought us together as friends.

there is alot for me to apologise for. i’m sorry i cannot be the kind of friend in within your sphere of comfort. i am altogether emotional, and i talk too much. while you’re away i will work on that.

have courage, babe. then take flight.

Hermes is an endurance athelete. he runs ultra marathons. that is, much longer than the normal marathon, and on dirt paths, stones, mud, and other come what mays. he runs 40ks a day, as a habit. o_O.

today he flies off to borneo for a much anticipated rate. and since i cannot see him off, to deliver my threat that he had better come back alive, i am saying it here. YOU BETTER COME BACK.

doesnt he look like xie ting feng? he speaks fluent cantonese too.

sorry girls, he’s not up for grabs. he has a larger-than-life fiancee who is pixie-sized and rocking. no go, ladies, keep yer underpants on. they’re sweet on each other, so here’s a toast to true love, or fate, as my Hermes friend puts it.

good luck for borneo; bring back the gold. be safe, none of this falling-off-cliff nonsense. i mean it.

Hermes’ GF: please send periodic updates if you can! :)


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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