thankful for sisters




these were taken when we first bought a family mac, wow it was a long time ago. i don’t know what we were wearing or why we appear somewhat naked in these photos, but its funny, i’m glad we have them for memory’s sake.

yes, we all look different. we were just telling a new friend today how we once hosted a bunch of church friends over at our place, and when they saw the family photos, they asked me ” ehh, you very close to cherie’s family issit?”, for years they didnt realise we were related. actually, when we used to train together, people wouldn’t know either until we tell them. even so, they rarely believed us.

mariann has since outgrown her bangs, and cherie and i both got our teeth straightened. but its good to know your sisters never let you down, and really, are the best playmates, even when you’re 27.

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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