total silence


on car drives i day dream. my uncle would contest that i’m always day dreaming, car rides or not. my saturday plans got thrashed again, but one learns to grit and bear it, be thankful one has things to do than naught.

so today’s fantasy is to live a life of a hermit. i dont think i am capable of hunting for food, so i’d probably have to turn vegetarian, and eat bird seeds and rabbit food for sustenance, but i think it should be fine. i need a dog though, a big one, like a rottweiler,  to keep me safe from bears and warm at nights. although a rottweiler doesn’t quite fit my idea of a hermit dog. but long hair-ed dogs quite stinky la. with the exception of cooper. i’ll take cooper any day.

denn probably wont be able to live a life of a full hermit, so we’ll probably have to have wifi for diablo3. but out of maintaining the integrity of my hermit life, i will not use said wifi. instead i will write old fashioned letters and seal them with wax and spit. and walk 2 hours to the next town to post it. and to collect letters which my loving friends will write beseeching me to come back to civilisation and that they promise to be my friend until the day i die.

i am deathly afraid of losing friends. people i have invited into my heart; i always feel that once you make space for someone, and they leave, it leaves an unfilled void that never quite goes away. i have a couple of holes, and i really dont want any more. so postal service for hermits, important.

and every morning i will boil water on the firewood, feed the dog, go for a walk, read a book. (need books– so friends, gotta send me books ya!). night and day will not matter as one day will bleed into another and i will just spend my days in literary pursuits. maybe publish a handwritten (haha) book.



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my world, out of your reach

4 thoughts on “total silence”

  1. I am fascinated by the vibrancy of your blog, the full-of-life pictures, and the words that go along with the images. A great blog. I was trying to find an image of a hermit … that I could use on my blog post: “Men’s Preoccupation With Isolation”. I saw this particular image on Google … and it connected me back to your blog. I’m fortunate to have stumbled on to your blog. Awesome. Any ideas where I can find a picture like this for my blog post? Keep blogging.

    1. Hi wilder man!

      Thank you for your kind words. It is both humbling and encouraging. Being in touch with people halfway round the world over a blog post always makes me thankful for technology; and ease of communications! I usually credit images I use.. This one must have slipped by.

      From Wikipedia!

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