blackberry blogging

okay, before any of you try to run me over with your displeasure because i am not picking up my phone, let me just say i am blogging with my blackberry in the middle of a meeting. actually it is a 10 minute break, before we resume. its fine, we’re nearly finished, just rip the band-aid please people and let me get out of this conference room.

i don’t get it. why have a 3-4 hr meeting? why can’t you send out your slides or whatever and let us read it for ourselves before coming here? and really, which business school did you go to, cos i’m pretty sure they told you its vitally important to have style as well as substance. black and white powerpoint slides do not cut it. and you dont need to read off the slide. i was reading quite well for myself before i went to primary school.

that said, i’m just feeling the stress of the day, cos my day started earlier than usual. and despite my i-want-to-work-half-days-on-fridays-and-spend-the-afternoon-clearing-emails rule it is not happening. i did go for my *sleuth* classes today. it is not easy. an hour and a half of me trying not to pull a horrified face. my teacher is awesome, she taught herself, but i am no where close. but i am committed to this. it is called *sleuth* classes cos i am determined to surprise someone.

on a separate note, i really need to bother less about other people who don’t care back. it breaks me a little, all the time. and you know, babe, i do notice. i just dont have the strength to do this anymore. i’m sorry. maybe next year.


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my world, out of your reach

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