crowning glory


my father’s reaction to the photo above, was “good looking boys”, and he has taken to calling me “son” for the last 12 hours that i came home with this new cut. at least he’s talking to me; thanks to the loving interventions of cherie,  he wasn’t the first 3 hours of said cut.

well since i got out of JC my hair has been rebonded, permed, frizzed, crimped, coloured, highlighted. its been that long since i’ve actually seen my natural hair, with its gollywog curls. time to bring it back, au natural c! perhaps this is just a phase, and i hardly doubt i’d keep a single hairstyle for long anyway. when something major happens i usually hack away at my hair anyway. (thanks for the msg-es of concern BTW!)

i’m good; as of this morning i quite like the hair still, but then there’s the novelty of handling wax. denn and i shared the mirror this morning waxing our hair, i must say its an interesting experience, to say the least. denn’s reaction to the haircut? well, he brought me to cut it. but the stylist cut it quite progressively, couple of inches by couple of inches. so he couldn’t watch the cut past the chin (and everyone calls me dramatic); and went off to buy himself fried mars bars to make himself feel better,

haiya, enough wax lyricaling about shorn hair. done! feeling better, moving on.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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