letters from the road; crown highway

This is the second time we are taking the crown highway. It is undisputedly denn’s favourite drive in south island; even more than the arthur’s pass, or the haast past (a close second).

I don’t mind taking the same road back, especially since I sorta slept through bits of the first drive (I blame the Indian meal we had before the drive. Something about Indian food always gives me a food coma after; denn is unaffected after training 2 yrs with his boss)

Its a clear day; when I say clear I mean unmarred blue skies. Its surreal, like a painting whose artist forgot to put in clouds. Its almost a wedgewood blue, if you know what I am talking about. Its not bright blue, it has a pastel to it.

And there are these sprigs of vertical trees. I say sprigs because they look like super long wheat sprigs (without the wheat). Words fail me! (No!) Let’s put it this way, if I had to paint it, it would just be lines shooting out of the ground, single stem, like a narrow fan.

We’re on route to queenstown, for lunch. We had a deal. fish and chips last night and japanese for lunch. I am right sick of fish and chips; even if my forever boyf isn’t.

I threw up dinner last night (no alarm folks). it was probably just the separation anxiety starting; or just a small rejection on my body’s part for fish and chips; or the shot nerves over a problem at work, bug bites, then acting out at a benign comment, made by an unsuspecting friend. Anyway, thankfully it doesn’t seem like food poisoning cos denn is fine; and made me drink L and P to settle the tummy. We have been eating well, not chapalang food, no fret. Pls do not share this nugget with my father who will worry unnecessarily.

We start the long road back to Christchurch. We are making good time, and seem to have a day to spare. Looking forward to our night on the star farm in Tekapo; we haven’t booked it yet; we intend to do so tonight, when we decide where we want to sleep for the night.

There’s a dark shroud of blah hanging over me; I always have the same problem at the end of a holiday (or every sunday evening before school starts). That sickening dread in the tum. its been a long while since I had a work free time off.

Post edit:

In the midst of our japanese lunch; we picked the most traditional looking place in Queenstown. We paid for 2 hour parking; and got here juz before they closed for lunch. Thank God for globalisation; traditional hot japanese food in the middle of New Zealand.

This has to be one of the best japanese meals we’ve had; and we’ve had plenty of japanese food; even Michelin-starred morimoto in New York. Maybe its because we were so cold; and there’s nothing quite like a bowl of hot noodles, and a Sapporo on draft for denn.

Good meal; scenic drive awaits. Star observatory booked for tomorrow night; as our end-of-trip treat.


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