Letters from the road; snoozy

Today we embarked on a pretty long coach-coach-cruise-coach-cruise ride; just to see the Doubtful sounds. There is nothing doubtful abt it; it is timeless and majestic. And it is eeriely silent; there is no sound; except for the incessant chatter of some of our fellow passengers.

The seas got a bit choppy, and in usual fashion I promptly curled up and went to sleep. Denn tried to wake me up thrice, he claims, once to see the seal colony, once to see a U-shaped valley and the final time to see penguins. I slept off an hour of the 3 hour cruise portion, and when I woke up we were right there in the heart of the sound. (Again, its called a sound; but its really a valley created by water action)

A nice english couple has kinda adopted us. So its nice. They constantly watch out for us and make sure both of us have company. So when I was taking my snooze; denn had company. They laughed when I told them one day I’ll buy me a mountain. They said “you sure have the most unusual dream, most people want a house or a fancy car; but you want a mountain.” I said when I have my mountain, I will make a hot pink sign that says “CELIA’S MOUNTAIN” and if they do see it driving one day; pls drive up and come have a coffee with me.

I am not sure if we’re ready to go home; really. I can’t stand the cold for much longer; and everything seems crazy expensive here, especially eating out; but I love this idyllic way of life; this having no expectation and no plan and just driving. I have a couple of sandfly bites; which are driving me nuts (and on my face!?!); but otherwise I love that we get to see wild seal pups and penguins and sheep and cows and deer and pigs. I love that everyone is so nice, and chatty. I love that there is all these nooks that one can disappear into to have a spot of reading.



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my world, out of your reach

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