letters from the road; treehouse

We’re IN a treehouse. We’re staying here for the next two nights. Its beautiful, all the walls are made of logs and it smells wonderful of wood and fresh towels.

Nestled in the trees with birdsong (earlier today) and we have a little pocket of open sky outside and the stars have all come out to play.

Living in a treehouse is not that great in the night: there are little gaps in the logs and the chill slips in. The heater is too far away from the bed (and obviously there is no furnance or fireplace in a treehouse). Thankfully we have an electric blanket.. But what good is a hot bum and cold arms?

So we’ve been on the road seven days; and its been mostly fun, although we’ve been snapping at each other a bit yesterday and today. Maybe its gotta do with close proximity and 24-7 of each other. Although I know when he goes back to work I’ll have my usual pangs of separation anxiety. What a stupid conundrum.

But we’ve talked it out over beer and coke, neither of us stays mad for long. Also we can’t keep quiet and we’re the only other person on this trip so.. Anyway, back to treehouse living.

We’re staying in said treehouse for 2 nights because tomorrow we’re going on a helicopter ride and glacier hike. Yes, me. Miss scared-of-heights is getting into a heli. Oh boy I hope I don’t wet myself. The thought of it is giving me a cold sinking feeling in the tum, and I think my hands are getting clammy and numb. Seriously. I juz got the good old joo yee yiu out (for the uninitiated, it is a red oil babies use, packaged in a glass bottle then a metal canister. I think its actual name is yu yee oil; but the family has called it joo yee yiu for as long as I know). Okay, so I’ve never quite been weaned off joo yee yiu, much to my mother’s chagrin. I use it so often denn is convinced when we do have babies they will come out joo-yee-yiu coloured.

This time tomorrow I’ll let everyone know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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