letters from the road; running from dinosaurs

I think I’ve figured out my fixation on New Zealand.

It is nature in its rawest form. Perhaps its because I’ve grown up in the city, at the time where Singapore was at its fastest development age. Even though it is the Garden City and we have no shortage of lush vegetation, everything is urban planned. Specific, man planted.

Over here, nature is as untouched as it gets (apart from making it accessible via roads), where wild grass, trees, plants just grow. The mountain scape is breathtaking. A lot of the time as denn drives I stare out into the mountains and think this was the same view the dinosaurs had.

Some places here look like they’re the set of Jurassic Park. I giggle everytime we see a goat (which we don’t see often here), part of me wants to get out the area soon before we become dinosaur food. Ah, the problems of an over active imagination.

The rocks here are ancient rocks, it always feels, not to be sacrilegious here, rather sacred. As if each had a voice and they whisper in the wind.

God must have been feeling rather whimsical, when he made New Zealand. There is really a whole palette of different colours here. So many hues of greens, blues, yellows, orange, browns.

Denn promises in the event that I predecease him, that he will bring our (still imaginary) children here once every 3 years. Whether to grieve or to celebrate or to meditate or to juz get together as a family. This is my favourite place in the whole wide world.

Maybe its cos it was in NZ that I feel was the cusp of becoming an adult. The transition between girl and woman. And because it was that summer in NZ with sooli, that I truly let go of broken-hearted broken dreams. To heal and to move on. NZ was my climb back up from Rock Bottom.

The sun is out! We’re heading towards the glacial regions. Fuelled our tummies and the car, and leaving the lovely Hokitika behind us.


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my world, out of your reach

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