letters from the road; ET phones home

My friend have all been finding it queer why I contact them more on honeymoon than when back in singapore. And the reason is this: NZ is a very special place to me; and I want to share this with those special to me.

Also because in the course of the wedding I’ve caught up with some of them. Its like a massive reunion, and I don’t want to miss out on it. Usually work keeps me so busy I’ve lost so many of them over the last 4 yrs.

Lost touch, lost track, lost.

It humbles me, how much my friends understand the way I function. How much my mood shifts. How much socialising I can take before I need celia-time.

There is a long standing joke in the family. Tt I only have one friend, sooli, after I started my business. Then naresh came along. Two. Then clarence. Three.

Thankfully now, the old boys are back, new friends, and the cedar suspension girls too.

This honeymoon is made even more special because of it.

Denn and I agreed, we’re taking a break from work. (Haha, we’re still trying). And we will pursue only the things that we want. Which means tonight, he’s gonna make full use of the high speed internet at this wonderful lodge and get some diablo time and I am going to read my kindle in the bath.

Don’t worry, we’re spending lotsa quality time w each other. A honeymoon is not juz about making babies. Sorry guys, this factory is not open for production yet. We want time to ourselves first.


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my world, out of your reach

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