letters from the road; frozen fingers

Its cold, by penguins, its cold.

Nelson is supposed to be the warmest part of south island. But we”re so cold its not even funny. We bought puffy jackets the first day; today we gave in to ear wraps and gloves. Pure wool. And still frozen.

We drove through rain and fog today; each of us taking turns at the wheel. Harrowing ravines and twists and turns. Again. The mountains baffle me. So majestic. I told denn if we do retire here I’d like to buy land with mountains. Then I’d own mountains. How cool would that be. Maybe keep a couple of milk cows, chooks, a pair of alpacas tt spit. Breed puppies.

He wants to own a motel; have human contact. Yay. He’s warming up to the idea of moving here!

The motel we are staying in has a trampoline. I hope to have a couple of jumps later. But its pitch dark out there. God bless singapore, for its abundance of street lamps.

The absolute darkness scares me.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

2 thoughts on “letters from the road; frozen fingers”

  1. i miss you too! No wonder kaikoura sounds oddly familiar!
    trampolines always bring me back to that night where we braved the cold in our PJs, and layed on the trampoline bed to watch the stars – just cause. :)

    have fun love!

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